Welcome to sHangwich

A snack sharing community.

About sHangwich. snacks in the library

So picture yourself in the library (like really close your eyes and try it). You're grinding away, cramming those notes to death. Now it's 6pm and you're hungry. Do you go all the way off-campus and break your momentum, or do you go on the sHangwich app to check who's selling their extra snacks?

Why You Should Join sHangwich.

Make extra money by sharing your extra snacks [Kotas and Sphatlos are allowed].

Buy snacks without leaving your desk [Must be nice].

Where can you buy & sell?

University of Pretoria Library and wherever you study at. We've seen people study in weird places.

Text Me The App

Use your number with the code (+27) if you are in South Africa.

Example: enter 0721234567 as +27721234567